Todays’ society
Melatonin over dose
My new pet dinosaur.
I like plants and shit if you haven’t noticed,  I like watching them in the wind in a field, I like seeing the expire in the sun,  I like how quite they are,  I like how colorful they can be.
Lung break lunch break,  flowers on the mind, I push daisies with my pen.
Spring is near, time for the flowers
Forces of nature,
Celestial fruit
Everyday in they city, faces at places.
I like to draw “poems” if there is such a thing,  mainly I’m just bad with works so I try and talk with pictures wow…..  Just like ancient times
"Vision clear like a Hindu with a third eye dot, we be weak-not"
Work is full of knuckle heads so this is from my book during train rides and lunch breaks